19.Does the recorder resolution is adjustable?

Yes,you can, you can choose the recorder resolution optional in the menu,
The recorder images will be different.

20.Does the device can be automatically when turn on

Yes,it is,when you connect on your car
When start on your car,the device will be automatically to recorder

21.Does it is to be possible to set the local time on the device

Yes,you can,just turn on the device,then enter into the SET menu,choose the time and date,
then you can set the time you want

22.Does all the models have the night vision function?

It depends on the models,Some models have,Some models do not
Related models:JW-356GS,JW-608GS with the night version function

23.Which memory card it support

It support SD card more than class4 level ,
Support SD from 2GB~32GB

24.There is no photos.no movies and no recording on the device

Please make sure the SD card has much space for recording,
if the SD memory card is full,then it will stop to record
Also can try another memory card which is more than class4 8GB card

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