13.Does the CAR DVR recorder the Audio

Yes,it is,with the audio

14.Does the CAR DVR with the digital zoom

It depends on the car dvr models,some models does
Related models:JW-356GS,JW-608GS

15.How can I make the time and the date correctly

1.Turn the device on
2.Enter into the SET menu,
3.Choose the time and date set
4.Then set the time you want.

16.Can I speak to Jiawen company about the products questions?

Yes,you can,you can talk with the phone,Skype online and via Email
We will answer you question and reply you as soon as possible.

17.Does the CAR DVR recorder the images on color or black?

It is with the color images

18.What is the video format

It has the two formats,which is AVI and MOV
Different models have different video format
Ambarella chipset will be MOV
NTK or other chipset will be AVI

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