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Product Description

Material: ABS+PC

Lens: glass semi-transparent coated mirror lens

Strap: Liquid soft silicone strap

Color: royal blue black


Waterproof grade: IP67

Battery: Maximum charging voltage 5.0V

Capacity: 350mAH

Standby time: 2-4 days

Talk time: 3-4 hours

Voltage: 3.7V

Material: polymer battery

Display: Display type IPS

Dimensions in feet: 1.47''

Pixel: 172*320

CTP: Capacitive Touch Screen CTP Capacitive Touch Screen


WiFi: chip built-in

GPS/BDS: support

Ringtone: yes

Hands-free: Yes

Speaker: yes

high-quality speakers

Microphone: yes 4.0*1.5 anti-jamming receiver

Button: Yes

Charging interface: Magnetic charging interface

SIM card slot: 1

IO port: 2pin

Camera: yes

Sensor: G-sensor

Heart rate blood pressure: support

Body temperature: support

Antenna: Built-in FPC GSM antenna

Pedometer: support

communication network

GSM 850 900 1800 1900


FDD-LTE B1 B2 B3 B5 B7 B8 B20

TDD-LTE B38 B39 B40 B41

GPS/BDS: support

WiFi: yes


LBS: Yes

Product Features

Set 15 family numbers according to the main binder, which can realize quick dialing and menu search to make calls

Micro chat function: voice two-way group micro chat function

App (IOS+Android)

Two-way talk: support two-way talk and block other harassing calls

Smart AI: Support

Micro chat: APP and watch side realize group micro chat function

Remote monitoring: Supports remote monitoring in callback mode (the other party's ambient sound can be clearly heard remotely through a high-anti-noise microphone)

Electronic fence: Multiple electronic fences can be set

Baby Settings: You can set the baby's avatar, birthday, nickname, etc.

Message reminder: can remind the state of entering and leaving the electronic fence, the battery is low or full, and the anti-off alarm push

Multiple baby additions: Multiple baby watches can be added in one app

Historical track query: You can query the historical track of the baby within a time range of 1 month

Historical track playback function: can automatically play the track

WIFI positioning + GPS positioning + base station assisted positioning: WiFi positioning accuracy is 3-50 meters, GPS positioning accuracy can reach 3-10 meters, LBS accuracy can reach 100-500 meters range

Battery level monitoring: Know the battery level of your baby watch at any time

The network automatically calibrates the watch time: the watch automatically synchronizes with the network time after binding

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