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Product Description

Product Positioning Small GPS Tracker (pet; old people, child; bicycle; electric car; motorcycle; car; travel luggage, etc.)
The main function 1, Real-time positioning
2. History track
3, Electronic fence
4, Voice monitoring
5, Vibration alarm
 6, Long standby
 7, Super strong magnetic adsorption
8. Group management
Standby duration 6-12 months
Overall style Exquisite and compact
Machine size 104x56.5x24mm
Packing size 11x8x4.5cm
Weight 195g machine net weight, 298g with box
Colour Black
Button NO
Screen NO
GPS antenna High sensitivity ceramic active antenna
GSM antenna FPC antenna
Battery 5000mAh (polymer battery)
SIM card 1
Vibration sensor Support
I/O interface USB charging port
Waterproof grade Life waterproof
Chip Qualcomm
GSM band GSM:850-900-1800-1900  WCDMA:B1 B2 B5 B8  
LTE:B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B7 B8 B28 B40
GPS chip UBLOX G7020
GPRS Class19
GPS signal L1,1575.42MHz C/A
Number of GPS channels 38 channels
GPS chip-level receiving sensitivity Tracking: -165dBm,
Capture: -148dBm
WIFI positioning accuracy NO
GPS positioning accuracy 5 to 15 meters
Minimum standby current Less than 0.5 mA
Average standby current Less than 2.5 mA
Average operating current About 55mA
Working temperature -20~70℃
Working humidity 5% to 95% NON solidify
GPS antenna Built-in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
GSM antenna FPC antenna
Vibration sensor Support
Microphone Support
Material ABS environmentally friendly material
Support operating system Support Android 2.3 and above systems, IOS5.0 and above.
Call function Remote pickup
Language Support Chinese, English and multi-language support
Positioning function GPS+GPRS+LBS three-mode positioning
Support AGPS Cold start 38 seconds positioning
Power Management Ultra Low Power Management, Smart Sleep
Call back, send order, auto dial (center number)
Smart fence Automatically alarm when it exceeds the setting range
Historical track Can check the historical track within 6 months

Product Features

1, Positioning mode: GPRS + GPS + BDS + LSB multi-mode accurate positioning
2, 8000mAh polymer battery, with sensors, intelligent power saving, sleep power saving design at rest
3, Exquisite appearance, excellent hidden
4, A variety of working modes: fast positioning, standard positioning, power saving positioning
5, Multi-platform monitoring: support Android, Apple system mobile APP and computer and other network, WeChat query
6, Using for globally